Week 4

Activity & Discussion: Copywriting

1. What is copywriting and why is it so important?

It is ownership over work produced. Copyright is so important because it gives a person the legal right for their work to not be reproduced or communicated without permission.

2. Describe 3 models of copywriting. If you were trying to sell a product online, which one would you choose and why?

– AIDA: attention, interest, desire & action

– PAS: problem, aggravate & solution

– SSS: star, story & solution

I would use AIDA to sell a product online. Once attention is grasped, it can hold the viewer and lead to a purchase.

Activity & Discussion: Branding

1. What is branding and why is it so important?

It is creating a unique image for a product or service. Branding is so important to establish so that the product or service can differentiate themselves in the market; it is invaluable.

2. What are the important elements of branding?

– Brand position

– Brand promise

– Brand personality

– Brand story

– Brand associations

Activity & Discussion: Credibility

1. What is credibility and why is it so important?

Credibility is being trusted and believed in. This is so important for a business to maintain loyal followers.

2. Describe ways in which a company (or an individual) can demonstrate credibility.

An individual can demonstrate credibility by continually producing high grades, for example a high distinction average. A business can demonstrate credibility by always replying to complaints or being helpful when there are problems with the product or service.

Activity & Discussion: Putting it all together

1. Find 3 online sales pages for products you would be interested in buying.




2. Describe the techniques they are using with regards to copywriting, branding and credibility.

ASOS – All items are their own design or have been legally partnered (for example, Nike) to sell and all models are personally employed by the company / The company has a multitude of price settings, being fashionable for all / The online fashion store is also international

BooHoo – All items are their own design or have been legally partnered to sell and all models are personally employed by the company / The brand is low priced, having a huge target market for the online fashion retailer / A credible retailer with their customer service, moving into Twitter as well to reach everyone

IKEA – All items are their ideas and all images are personal / They have a brand that shows a modern and sleek lifestyle that is attractive / IKEA is well known for its credibility in efficiency

3. Which of the sales pages tempts you the most into buying. Determine the elements that make this the most persuasive for you.

ASOS is the website that tempts me the most into buying because the layout is more appealing, it has more credibility and it has a modern brand that I desire. I am their target audience and they successfully marked me.


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