Week 2


gary-vaynerchuk“When we launched the WineLibrary website in 1996, I didn’t even own a computer yet. I just understood that there was an opportunity here to market in a different way” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Describe briefly how Gary Vaynerchuck uses digital communication and what sort of success he has achieved?

Gary Vaynerchuck owns his own company, VaynerMedia, a consulting agency that focuses on social media. He uses digital communications with his clients by reviewing and giving advice on their social media (a digital communication platform) (Greiff). Gary was successful at a young age, earning thousands on the weekend at age 12 for selling baseball cards. The success continued when he took his fathers business and turned it from a $3 million to a $45 million online market company (Howes).


Questions: Lead Captures

1. People find pop-ups annoying. Why do many websites still use them?

A pop-up is a secondary window to the parent window (website). They are controversial because they can be annoying and cause a disturbance. In a 2013 survey, 70% of internet users rated irrelevant pop-ups as the most annoying type of advertising, putting them on par with lottery scams (Carpenter, 2014). However, statistics show that pop-ups work and can be valuable to a persons business.

People have extremely short attention spans when viewing websites, this results in not subscribing or submitting lead information because they’re distracted, bored or don’ have a purpose to visiting the website. By interrupting their leaving with a pop-up, it provides an engaging opportunity.

(Scherer, 2014)

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.42.16 am


In addition, the below graph manifests statistical information on the use of pop-ups. The data shows a website steadily using pop-ups and is then temporarily disabled, shown in the blue. This has a clear reaction on subscriptions, lowering them for that time frame until the popups are put back into the system again.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 10.34.23 pm

Websites will incur significant changes in subscriptions when using pop-ups.

(Zarrella, 2012)

2. Review the features available with 2 popular autoresponder services

  • entrepreneur.com

This website has shown increases in their sales by 162% and their subscribers by 86 % thanks to pop-ups.

(Webmeup.com, 2015)

  • mamaslebanesekitchen.com

This website, in September 2012 began using pop-ups and by October they turned their 1 subscriber a day, into 10 subscribers a day.

(Matthew, 2014)

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Questions: Ethical & Legal Issues

1. What is the difference between ethics and law?


Ethics are ones moral principles, leading on behaviour and their conduct in activities. Law is a system of rules, regulating action on its members through its enforcement of penalties as consequences. The two differ as ethics are social guidelines whereas law are rules.

2. Describe 3 ethical decisions that may influence web development

  • A website spamming your social media page without explicit permission
  • Making privacy options confusing to trick people into giving them more information
  • Advertising a free service and only revealing that a payment is needed for another purpose at the end

3. Describe 3 legal requirements that may influence web development

  • Using your own media and not another’s without permission or reference, avoiding copyright infringement
  • Buying a program to further develop the website instead of illegally downloading
  • Written agreement with the website developer, helping to receive what you want

Personal Study:

4. Locate 3 Facebook pages that you follow (or might be interested in following). What are the characteristics of these pages that make you consider following them?


Splendour in the Grass / I am attending the festival this year so following the page keeps me up to date on any changes and also creates excitement.


Music Feeds / This page is constantly active, updating members with current music news stories that are interesting.


Time out Sydney / This page informs me of the best food and venues in Sydney


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