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Earl Sweatshirt Announces New Album & Releases New Song “Grief”

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 10.21.00 pm‘Potholes in my Blog’ is an independent music and culture blog.

The ‘Earl Sweatshirt Announces New Album & Releases New Song “Grief”’ was posted on March 17th, 2015. After viewing the websites recent posts section, it is apparent that the site could improve on its activity with the most recent being in the month of April. With an abundance of music news the website will lose followers to competitors.

heart_rhythm_guide_iconThe heading, in top fold, is quite long and does not have a catchy rhythm with the words used. However, the positives in the title are that it is informative by letting readers know exactly what the post will be about, the mention of a new album and new song grasps reader’s attention and it is also SEO friendly.

The small blog post on hip-hop uses colloquial language, mimicking a conversation to give readers comfort. Another SEO used is other popular artist mentioned to further enhance traffic on the blog post and target specific readers. Continuing on, the content contains a lot of important information for the reader to know on dates, album title, guest appearances and artist background.

Audiomack is an application in the blog post that includes the album for readers to stream; this delivers an advanced listening experience. In addition to this media, it also has the album cover for illustration.

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.54.49 pm

The layout is clever, once the post is finished an option to read a newer or older post is available as an easy link, pushing for more traffic on other related blog posts.

In conclusion, ‘Potholes in my Blog’ does not offer a subscription, eliminating the chance to stay in contact and gain loyal followers. This puts the website at a disadvantage; the other blogs analysed excel in this area with superior lead capturing options for readers. In addition, the social media platforms are not clearly labelled. On a positive, the website is connected to Facebook & Twitter and has a simple and convenient solution for readers to comment using their account.

The analysis on this music blog post manifests ineffective digital communications to its audience. >


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