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Australian Senate Passes Anti-Piracy, Website-Blocking Laws

1509150_10152280996219894_460704470_n‘Music Feeds’ is a website that posts consistently on the latest Australian and International music related news, delivering in forms of reviews and interviews.

The ‘Australian Senate Passes Anti-Piracy, Website-Blocking Laws’ is a recent post, dating to June 23rd, 2015, showcasing the sites activeness.

The heading is clear and precise, this is important because readers need to know what to expect to make a decision on reading. Continuing on, the heading is SEO friendly, using keywords such as ‘Australia’, ‘Law’ & ‘Piracy’ as direction.

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The post also has an #onlinepiracy hashtag; if someone wanted to read on the topic, this post would easily be found. In addition to this, the content in the blog post contains words such as ‘Pirate Bay’ and ‘torrenting’, furthering the SEO.

The blog post is on a law in music that is a big issue and affects a generation illegally downloading. This is instantly important and informative to the target audience. In relation to the target audience, the language used is suitable for the market and not complicated to understand.

Direct quotes are found in bulk in this post from trusted industry professionals on the topic, making it a reliable source. The direct quotes are a collection of opinions and views, producing an unbiased post for readers to acquire their own judgement.

The blog contains appropriate illustration for the informative post and includes this for copyright purposes.

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In conclusion, ‘Music Feeds’ offers a subscripScreen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.19.33 amtion to their newsletter to capture leads and is connected to various media platforms that are clearly labelled on the site. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube. By having this array, it leaves a huge potential to gain more followers with their outreach and the readers ability to share and spread their content to their contact list.

The analysis on this music blog post manifest effective digital communication to its audience.

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